"I exhort you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once given to the saints"  Jude 3


This is Jean-Claude. I am glad you found me. Many years ago, I had envisioned that by now, I would have had all of my teachings on the web and that I would have added to them as the years went by. But God had other plans. Indeed, what He has taught me over the years would have been incomplete had it been already published. The teachings would have been in need to be revised many times to satisfy the much greater context God has eventually led me to teach from. Now, in February 2017, I feel that the light is about to turn green... finally!

Much of what I have taught and continue to teach has to do with preparing the way of the Lord (Isaiah 40:3).

As many of you believe, I am  convinced from studying the Scriptures and from looking at the state of the world, that we are living in the generation which will see the return of Yeshua the Mashiach the Savior of the world; who is better known as Jesus the Christ in traditional Christianity.

Because of this it is imperative that we, believers, understand the role we are destined to fulfill - to the Jew first - as well as for all the unsaved for our days, and the years to come. The Church must be prepared. For this, understanding the respective natures, wisdom, wills, purposes, strategies and methods of God, Satan, and man, is critical for us; so we can be equipped as the Sons of Issachar were, and understand the times (1 Chronicles 12:32).

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Thank you. Much grace and peace to you.

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